Although Maxx Security is yet to mature, the experiences gathered over the course of services in the military as well as security guard training acquired over the years makes it one of a kind that excels in task accomplishment and exceeds its competitors.

Few Facts About us

  • Maxx Security is currently acquiring other additional teachings from various establishments in addition to working closely with Manitoba Justice.
  • Maxx Security and its employees work as a team and within the boundaries of the law to ensure infractions or actions that would consequently and undoubtedly lead to any legal liability is readily detected and omitted.
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT), Self Defense, Nonviolent Crisis intervention (NVCI), First Aid, Canadian Law, Professionalism, Aboriginal studies to mention a few, are some of the trainings our company engages in in order to be well rounded to facilitate client needs.
  • We will also be working closely with the RCMP as well as BPS to increase knowledge and development.
  • Maxx Security will compete with any security company giving best price and outstanding results every time.