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Maxx Security

Maxx Security is a company that prides itself in providing exceptional, competent and well-trained Security Guards who are outstanding in various positions such as Loss Prevention, Security Patrols in addition to working special events such as Wedding Socials, Canada Day, Camp Ground Patrols, Hockey Games, car shows, festivals to mention a few. 

Our professional conduct, understanding of customers needs and our ability to deliver positive results through following Standard Operation Procedure, cohesion, positive communication, attention to details, and the use of proper radio voice procedure easily differentiates us from other security companies. 

A Team You Can Rely On

Maxx Security proudly recruits former and current military personnel who dedicate their time and experiences as well as University Students and personnel from all walks of social back ground and geographic location who utilize skills such as foreign languages, cultural understanding and the differences in employee demographics as well as company ethos makes it easy to connect with people and help clients achieve their objective.

Maxx Security isn’t just a company but a family.  We rely on each other and work well to the best of our ability.  Good isn’t good enough that’s why at Maxx Security we strive for exceptional work and one that is unique at best.

Our Services

Located in Shilo MB, the business provides uniformed security guards, Loss prevention security, security audits and referrals to commercial buildings, retail businesses, as well as special event venues. We provide well trained guards for the following purposes


“Bravery is not fearing to face your challenges head on but facing those challenges in spite of all your fears”

Fred Baah, Founder

The experiences gathered over the course of services in the military as well as security guard training acquired over the years makes it one of a kind that excels in task accomplishment and exceeds its competitors.

Maxx Security is currently acquiring other additional teachings from various establishments. Maxx Security and its employees work as a team and within the boundaries of the law to ensure infractions or actions that would consequently and undoubtedly lead to any legal liability is readily detected and omitted.

Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT), Self Defense, Nonviolent Crisis intervention (NVCI), First Aid, Canadian Law, Professionalism, Aboriginal studies to mention a few, are some of the trainings our company engages in in order to be well rounded to facilitate client needs.  We will also be working closely with the RCMP as well as BPS to increase knowledge and development.  Maxx Security will compete with any security company giving best price and outstanding results every time.

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Please use the contact form below, if you have any general questions or requests about our services. We will try our best to respond back to you within 24 hours.